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Jan 29

Supermarket Wars

Are we starting to experience supermarket wars here in the UAE? Do you remember a time when you headed down to the High Street to do your weekly shop? When you popped into the individually owned fruit n veg shop, the local butcher, the friendly baker?  I do, clearly though I am guessing many of …

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Sep 18

Local Water

Should it be local water all the way? We can’t live without water, fact.  Where there is water there is life, without water the world wouldn’t exist. From Antartica to Asia water brings life to every community in the entire world.  Our body composition contains 65% of water, without water we simply wouldn’t exist. Over …

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Jul 16

Hilton Ras al Khaimah Resort and Spa

Fancy a staycation at the Hilton Ras al Khaimah Resort and Spa? Staycations in the UAE have become big business for local hotels in recent years.  The days of people hopping on a plane for an entire month to visit their home countries seems to be a thing of the past.  Instead these days are …

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Apr 11

How to treat a Maid

How to treat a maid … Firstly I have to honestly say that I never thought I would be sitting down and writing a post on this particular subject, but it has come to the point that I feel it might be appropriate to point out to people how easy it is to treat another …

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Jan 04

Fat Children

Who is to blame for fat children? No doubt I have already managed to offend people by using the dreaded word “fat”, maybe I should be more politically correct and said overweight children?  Aren’t overweight people essentially carrying too much fat?  For the last ten years or so obesity in the UAE has been a …

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Dec 14

There is a women’s group on Facebook

There is a women’s group on Facebook …. In fact there are probably thousands of women’s group on Facebook, but there is one here in Dubai that seems to get peoples feathers ruffled on a regular basis.   There is no need for me to name said group as I am 100% sure that any …

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Dec 14

Life after the Maid left

Life has been a bit different since the Maid left … I am pretty sure I am not the first person to be in such a situation, and let’s face it it’s hardly the end of the world in any way or form.  Let me start at the beginning and I mean the beginning,  to …

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Mar 05

Ajman Saray

Something new from The Luxury Collection … I heard about Ajman Saray many months ago when it was still under construction and had been eagerly awaiting its opening.  Not only was I intrigued about the location I hadn’t visited Ajman in about 10 years. The Emirates Road opening put paid to any days out winding …

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Sep 16

Thai Fruits

Thailand has a fruity feeling! When an invitation arrived in my inbox to attend the opening ceremony of Thai Fruits 2013 I wasted no time accepting it.  I was to be in the company of some very important people from Thailand, H.E Warawudh Chuwiruch, Thai Ambassador to the UAE and Mrs Supaporn Pimoonlikit, Inspector General of Ministry …

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Feb 06

Golden Fork

Golden Fork, the seafood mixed grill … If you have lived in Dubai for any length of time you will be familiar with the biggest chain of restaurants currently in UAE, yes Golden Fork.  There are 19 outlets in the UAE and they can be found in 6 of our 7 Emirates.  Luckily for me …

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