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Nov 07

Rice Creamery

Everyone has got a rice pudding memory! Well that is what I thought until I asked my 9 year old daughter if she liked rice pudding, she didn’t know what it was!! Bad Mother.  As a kid growing up in the UK rice pudding was always on the menu especially at school dinners.  We used …

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Jan 29

Stickhouse Gelato

Stickhouse Gelato opens its doors at Wafi … When the Wafi newsletter dropped into my in-box last week I learnt about a new gelato that had opened its doors in one of my favourite Malls.  I am not a massive fan of ice cream but loved the idea of a gelato on a stick, and …

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Dec 16

Monbana Chocolatier

Have you ever met a Chocolate Barista? Earlier this week @bettyboodubai and I were invited to attend an event at Blues Bar in The Ibis Hotel, to be totally honest with you I had no idea what it was about, I just saw the word chocolate and said I would attend. I see nothing wrong …

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Nov 28

The Advent Calendar

Have you got an advent calendar? For as long as I can remember I have had an advent calendar every Christmas without fail, even when I didn’t have Rachel.  It’s a tradition that once started you seem to continue even as you grow up.  Never an expensive one just one from a local supermarket or …

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Jul 29

Chocolate Heaven

If you love chocolate then you are going to love Diva Life Chocolatier, an on line fine chocolate business!  I came across Diva Life on Twitter a few days ago and they wasted no time in rushing me some chocolate to sample.  I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but do enjoy a decent piece …

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Jun 14


Believe it or not I think I am probably one of the only people in Dubai who hasn’t been to Yalumba at Le Meridien Dubai before, the Daily Mail regularly informs us of their somewhat notorious Friday Brunches.  It is for that reason alone that I have never had any inclination to dine there whatsoever.   However this week …

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