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Feb 28

Sandwich Express Artisan Bakery

Sandwich Express Artisan Bakery The earliest evidence of bread dates back over 30,000 years ago, so it is no surprise that it is a staple part of many diets. Bread in its many forms is often the first thing that is placed on any table, everything from flat breads to crisp white rolls, there is …

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Aug 12

Sarnie Station

Sarnie Station hits the mark I have been wanting to try out the recently opened Sarnie Stations for months now, and today was the day.  My car is in the garage so we decided to stay home today, perfect day for ordering sarnies in for lunch.  It is said that back in the 1800’s the …

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Apr 03

Bertin Bistro

Bertin Bistro opens in Al Manara Yes you read it right, another eatery has opened its doors in Al Manara, its become quite the area for little Bistro’s popping up.  Bertin Bistro is the home to not just one cuisine, but three.   Downstairs is for the French, whilst upstairs hosts the Spanish and Moroccan …

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Mar 12

Ezi Dzi

Yet another new kid on the JLT block, Ezi Dzi … I was absolutely delighted last week when I was followed on Twitter by Ezi Dzi, their profile mentioned the words Persian and food in the same sentence,  I was hooked.  Mr GA however doesn’t have a passion for the Iranian food like I do, …

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Dec 30

Le Rivage

Le Rivage at Ocean View Hotel …. This morning it was decided that we would visit the newly opened Girders at Ocean View Hotel, being married to a Scotsman it seemed the right thing to do 🙂  I checked out the Ocean View Hotel website to find that they are open from 1 pm on …

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Oct 01

Shake Shack

The two most discussed dishes in Dubai has got to be where is your favourite Beef Burger Joint? and who serves the best Fish and Chips? it is an endless ongoing discussion which changes weekly.  I asked my twitter followers which Burger Joint was their favourite and a lot came back to me with the answer …

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Aug 25

Ibn Hamido Seafood Restaurant

 I must drive past Ibn Hamido Seafood Restaurant at least five times a week and every time I drive by I think to myself I must check it out, it’s that elusive word seafood that does it!!  so today with the husband packed off to play a round of Golf, Mitten and I went down …

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Jun 15

M’s Seafood Bistro

Last weekend we got our passports out and headed over to Le Meridien Dubai (the one near the airport), living in new Dubai means I very rarely head over Garhoud Bridge, in all fairness we have everything on our doorsteps here, but we don’t have M’s Seafood Bistro … M’s Seafood Bistro only opened last …

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Jun 15

Caspian Kabab

I passed this little place a few weeks  back and noticed a big banner outside advertising Friday and Saturday Brunch, all you can eat at just 39 dhs, so today we popped round to check it out. First impressions were good, nice clean and airy Restaurant, decorated nicely too.  We were approached by a waiter …

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