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Apr 22

Doner Deli

Doner Deli, do they serve a good German Doner Kebab? I was recently invited to the opening of new Doner Deli store, but I rarely attend press events these days.  You don’t get a real feel for the place and the food is always good. However the invitation did remind me about their branch in …

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Jan 23

Calicut Notebook

Calicut Notebook opens its doors in Al Barsha A few months ago I noticed (sadly) that Peppermill Restaurant had closed it doors. Every week I kept looking to see what, if anything was going to happen to the outlet.  A few weeks ago Calicut Notebook opened, yesterday we paid a visit.

Dec 05


Moshi,  Momo’s, Sushi and more in Al Barsha Following on from my new-found love of sushi and my recent experience at Yo! Sushi,  I was recommended a recently opened new outlet in Al Barsha, by the name of Moshi. Moshi serves freshly prepared momo’s , sushi and nigiri along with a selection of rice and noodle dishes, …

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Oct 28

Nom Nom Asia Revisited

Nom Nom Asia reveals their Thai menu When Nom Nom Asia opened their doors earlier this year I was one of the first few to try their Chinese menu.  A few months later a separate Thai menu was added, it took until today for me to eventually call in and check it out. With friends …

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Aug 09

Mr Crab

Mr Crab opens in Al Barsha 1 Did you know that there are 139 restaurants in the Al Barsha 1 area?  that is a serious amount of restaurants for quite a small area.  I found that useless but interesting bit of information out this morning when I was searching Zomato’s website for somewhere new to …

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Jun 21

Freedom Pizza

NKD turns into Freedom Pizza Approximately three years ago I was standing outside of NKD Pizza in Al Barsha brandishing a huge pair of scissors and cutting a big red ribbon.  Yes it was me who officially opened the Al Barsha branch of NKD Pizza, its obvious I am going to keep a keen eye …

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Jun 01

Thai Wok

A bit of Thailand in the heart of Al Barsha When we moved to Al Barsha one of the first things I did was drive round the area checking out what was available locally in the food scene.  I found this tiny little outlet hidden on the road behind The Chelsea Ramada Hotel. The landscape …

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Apr 16

Smallcakes Cupcakery

Smallcakes Cupcakery makes me smile Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t have a sweet tooth.  I would choose a steak pie over a chocolate cake any day of the week.  I bake cakes all the time, its a stress reliever for me, but I rarely eat them.   Desserts are a continuous …

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Jan 31

Nom Nom Asia

Nom Nom Asia opens its doors in Al Barsha 1 Regular readers know I love a good new opening, especially when it is on my doorstep.  I received an invitation from the owner of Nom Nom Asia to join him for lunch next weekend but I couldn’t wait that long.  It was Friday, we had been to …

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Oct 05

Pulcinella Pizzeria

Pulcinella Pizzeria opens its doors in Al Barsha I love living in Al Barsha, there is always something new opening, this week Pulcinella Pizzeria came to my attention and it wasn’t long before I was heading round there to give it the once over.  I knew it was going to be a good experience when …

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