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A little bit of heaven in the form of Picante ….

For some time now there has been a lot of talk about the newly opened Picante. I was originally invited to a food testing evening but declined the offer as I wanted to wait until February to visit the restaurant so I could incorporate it into my seafood month of  reviews.  During February every time I dine out I will be dining on seafood of some kind.

Prawn Salad

Prawn Salad

I was really impressed with the decor when we arrived at the restaurant, a little bit of me felt I was in Portugal, the blue and white tiles, the louvred doors, everything was just spot on.  We were greeted by Victoria who showed us to our table; more about Victoria later. Menus presented and I had to make a decision on what to order, the choice is amazing!! Predominantly seafood but there are plenty of meat dishes in there too.  I opted for the salada de Camaroa com molho cocktail; shrimp salad with cocktail sauce.  When it arrived I was taken aback at the size of the portion! The food was amazing, loads of prawns in a tangy salad with sweetcorn and tiny chunks of pineapple, just perfect.   He went for jaquinzinhos fristos com arroz de tomate, fried baby mackerel with tomato sauce, this was amazing! served on a bed of tomato infused rice it had a slight paella taste to it, again big portion size.



For the main course I ordered comarao tigre grelhado com molho de citrinos; grilled tiger prawns with citrus sauce, the tiger prawns were amazing and the sauce was fabulous!!  He opted for the  codfish á lagareiro Style; codfish cooked in the oven with olive oil, onion, garlic and served with baby baked potatoes, he assures me it was spot on, fish cooked to perfection interestingly poached in oil.   Victoria then  suggested we give the seafood cataplan a go. What is so lovely about Picante is that you go up the kitchen and watch as they prepare your food.  The cataplan was just amazing, the pan was lined with potato, then pre-cooked sliced peppers were added along with a lobster tail, a handful of clams and mussels, more vegetables and a good few fresh coriander leaves.   The cataplan is then closed and cooked, being presented freshly on the table, where the lid is lifted to reveal an amazing aroma, this dish really did blow me away, it was fabulous.  The stock was so so tasty, never mind the seafood.  We couldn’t believe it when we were told that this was the most expensive dish on the menu, big enough for two easily, at just 130 dhs.

Seafood Cataplan

Seafood Cataplan

Even after all of that we managed to squeeze in a couple of their amazing little pasteis de nata, a traditional egg custard in puff pasty.  What can I say? those of you know me will know that speechless and GA are two words you will never find in one sentence, today Picante actually made me speechless. Well done Picante.

Pasteis de Nata

Pasteis de Nata

All it takes now is for me to thank the entire team at Picante for  their amazing hospitality. Food isn’t just about the actual food itself, it’s about the entire dining experience.  One lady today made this experience so special, and we must thank Victoria not only for her amazing knowledge but for always having a smile on her face and making sure every single customer is looked after like royalty.  Chef Rodriguez we think you have a winner on your hands 🙂

You can find Picante on the Mezzanine level of Four Points Sheraton, Bur Dubai.  I can hear you all thinking – oh no, Bur Dubai!!  Take the metro, trust me it will be worth the trip.  You can also find them on Twitter and on Facebook and there is more information on their website.  There are some more pictures on my Facebook page too.



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    • J. Houghton on February 14, 2013 at 4:52 pm
    • Reply

    Dear God, please learn to write in proper sentences. Do you have any “real” food or writing experience. It appears you are terribly lacking on both accounts. I see from your twitter profile you are a self-professed Social Media Queen. I’ll take it then, that you are also a self-professed restaurant reviewer. Self-proclaiming to be something or other doesn’t give you a valid skill set or legitimacy. It is a good thing you are in the U.A.E. where basic command of the English language is lacking. Any other country and you would have ceased to exist by now. If I had a food business, I would be embarrassed to associate any of your so-called reviews with my company website.

    1. thanks for the hit, and could I just point out that there should be a question mark after your comment …. Do you have any *real* food or writing experience?

        • English Lit Twit on February 14, 2013 at 7:29 pm
        • Reply

        GA did you have to get a degree in English to write a blog or can anyone do it? I wasn’t aware that there were rules governing such things 😉
        Of course, those who don’t find it worth reading could just – not read it. Instead of saying unkind things!
        Just saying…

        1. Yes, after all reading isn’t compulsory 😉

  1. So glad you visited! The baked cod bacalao was one of my favourite dishes from the tasting. I have to say Picante is the only restaurant in Dubai that has invited food bloggers (not mainstream food journalists ) to taste their dishes so that feedback could be incorporated into the menu and NOT for coverage. Just shows the value that food bloggers bring to the table these days 🙂 And one Mr Houghton, or whatever his real name is, should take note of. I look forward to reviewing properly. As for his rude comment I am shocked, but take it as compliment that he follows your posts and Twitter feed 🙂 x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments Foodiva, and yes negative comments don’t really mean anything to me at all. Picante was superb and all the feedback I am getting back from people is that it is an amazing outlet.

        • Luis Salgueiro on February 21, 2013 at 1:50 am
        • Reply

        Just want to thank everyone who has been present to taste our food.
        Hope to see you soon

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