Aug 14

My Favourite Addiction

Are you addicted to kitchenware?

addictedI have a confession to make, I am addicted to kitchenware.  My favourite day out is one that involves visiting every single shop in Mall of the Emirates that sells anything that is related to the kitchen. I was absolutely elated when my slow cooker died last week as I could feed my obsession and trail the mall looking for a replacement, when I knew that I would be buying the one in Lakeland that I had looked at about 50 times in the previous few years.

My journey normally starts in the good old Home Centre (I have one of their dinner services which I keep adding to), and I love their table accessories.  After that its straight along level one and into Tavola, which is my favourite kitchen ware shop ever!!  I can spend a good half an hour in there, when they launched their rewards card I thought was I going to die of excitement.  Grand Stores is worth a look in but most of their stock is too pricey and gaudy.  Jashanmal Department Store, why isn’t it bigger!!!  who remembers the huge one on two floors that used to be in Wafi Mall?  I love Jashanmal and their fancy high-end appliances like Maytag.

Tavola Mall of the Emirates

Tavola Mall of the Emirates

Continuing along level one I am always drawn into Crate & Barrel, lovely lovely kitchen ware section with some nice different little gadgets.  I recently bought some rather nice huge ball-shaped ice-cube moulds from Crate and Barrel. I have to stop in ID Design to look at the kitchen appliances.  Next I hit Samsung as they have a fridge which is pure kitchen porn, I think the staff in there think I am somewhat strange as I have viewed this luxury item too many times.  Even I won’t fork out 14,000 AED for a fridge!!  Zip down the escalator and into Lakeland, I love this British franchise with all its Britishness, I can’t resist some Mary Berry cupcake cases which is ridiculous as they are merely paper receptors for cupcake mixture that once consumed go in the bin! but they have Mary Berry written on them so that makes them so much better.

I have a fabulous oven, Scholtes all-electric with a ceramic hob, but it is a few years old now. Recently the oven stopped working, was it time to say good-bye to my Scholtes and shop for another one?  alas no it was easily fixed.  I will have to wait another few years I think before I can go oven shopping.  I can’t complain though as I have a fabulous new Siemens Dishwasher.  Anyone else love kitchenware as much as I do?  God help me when John Lewis opens at Festival City.

Are you addicted to kitchenware? what’s your favourite piece of kitchen equipment?  you can see from the photograph above what mine is 🙂

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  1. Oh ya i am addicted to kitchenware stores. I love tavola and lakeland. Been to jashanmal at dfc but I usually shop at tavola. My favourite equipment is a hand whisk. I do own the mixer but love thebwhisk cos I can whip even at midnight 1 without waking the sleeping 😀

    1. you can’t beat a good whisk 🙂

    • Petra on August 14, 2016 at 12:04 pm
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    My husband is the one addicted to kitchen ware, kitchen appliances and cook books! Granted….he’s the (much!) better chef of us two. But my rule of the kitchen appliances, born out of lack of space, is ‘buying a new appliance means an old one has to go!’ Althing I must admit that the sous-vide he’s got, is my absolute favourite kitchen appliance 🙂

    1. believe it or not the sous vide is one thing that doesn’t appeal to me, it boils me of boil in bag findus fish 🙂

  2. Hahaha oh my God it’s scary how true all of that is! The secret joy at a broken appliance, I thought that was just me! And then that feeling of im-not-just-a-crazy-stalker validation when you go to a store to actually buy something. Although Lakeland is my biggest weakness, I also love the Tchibo Brands For Less stores. I find them to be a more affordable Lakeland with the cutest little bits and bobs.

    1. the secret joy of a broken appliance lol *weeps*

  3. I giggle every time I read ‘I have a confession to make, I am addicted to kitchenware’.

    Your kitchenware retail therapy sounds pretty much like mine. Even when I don’t need anything I find myself going there ‘just in case’ there is some prop that would look good in a food photo or some equipment I may need… Although I love the look of the KitchenAid, I grew up using Kenwood and loved all the ones I’ve used over the years.

    1. Believe it or not I have been up to the mall this afternoon!! only Carrefour but I had to check the fridges out!

  4. I’ll be camping out on John Lewis’s doorstep with you! This is pretty much my shopping route in MOE too. Kitchens of Bath and Kitchener in Cheltenham are heaven if you are ever in the south west of England.

    1. its one opening that I hope we do get invited to!! every time I go to Lakeland and see the cheese dishes I think of you 🙂

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