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Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Hospital

When you arrive in Dubai and have a pet the first thing you do is source a good Vets.  I tried a few Vets initially and wasn’t happy, it wasn’t until 2004 that I was recommended Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Hospital.  I have had a firm relationship with them for the last eight years.  Today I visited Nad Vets to drop off the newest addition to our cat family Miss Skye Armani.

I mentioned on Twitter that I had dropped off Skye at Nad Vets and a couple of people came back and mentioned it was too far out of town for them to use.  I thoroughly enjoyed the drive up to Meydan this morning, very little traffic and it was so lovely to see all the greenery in the area, it is worth a little drive.   The total journey from Al Barsha took me 20 minutes.

We arrived and were greeted by my lovely friend Jane who is now working at Nad, if I remember rightly it was me who recommended them to her before she had even arrived in the UAE via a forum who shall not be named 🙂 Jane and I have got into many a cat caper over the years I can tell you.  Skye was pre registered so it was over to Head Nurse Lucy to take charge and prep Skye for her Surgery (she is being *done*).   I received two phone calls during the time Skye was in their care updating me on her condition etc.   I very happily returned at 4 pm to pick up my fur baby and bring her home for recouperation.  You can see here that they did wonders with her!!!!  Thank you to everyone at Nad Vets today for taking care of Skye, she was well and truly in safe hands.

Skye in her new clothes

 You can contact Nad Al Shiba Veterinary Hospital for all your animal needs via their website (will be finished soon).  You can find them on Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter.  Their phone number is 04 323 4412 and their  24 hour emergency phone number is 050 8817048

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    • Vivienne Strettle on October 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm
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    We always use them; they are great. Last time we went there was a cheetah cub in reception. Tells you a lot! (and I got to cuddle her – amazing). Viv

    1. yes they are the best 🙂

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