May 10

Long Yin

Yesterday was yet another Birthday celebration in Casa Armani, yes it was Grandad Armani’s turn this time.  As some of you are aware I am a Le Meridien Ambassador this month and it is my job to promote their food outlets to my family and friends, so seeing as Chinese is one of family favourites it was off to Long Yin to celebrate.  Long Yin specialises in the Canton and Szechwan regions of China, not that I am an expert on Chinese provinces anyway.

We arrived early as we had Mitten with us, the restaurant is very tastefully decorated in a traditional Chinese way, dragons and red playing predominantly in the set up.   After settling in and enjoying our hot towels to clean up we tackled the menu, which is massive!  we were given some great advise from Thushitha and  we were ready to order.  Whilst the starters were being prepared we helped ourselves to some prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce and a rather spicy chilli dip.

I ordered the Deep Fried Prawns (no surprise there), my Dad also ordered the same, the waiter for some weird reason thought we would share, that is not how this family works when it comes to food!  My husband ordered the Hot and Sour Soup with Chicken.  I loved the prawns, the batter was crispy and quite tempura like but I couldn’t help feeling that they needed some sauce or maybe lemon juice. Fabulous regardless.

For main courses we ordered a variety of things and basically ended up with a 7 course dinner, this is what happens when no one can agree on one thing, so on this occasion we did share.  Following our starters we had the Deep Fried Cantonise Style Pork Ribs.  They were amazing and to be honest I could have eaten more but was pacing myself for the rest of the meal.  Following the ribs we moved onto the Barbecued Peking Duck with Pancakes and Hoi Sin Sauce, which were prepared at the table by Victor and his assistant, the speed at which they professionally put together the pancakes is amazing.  Again I could have eaten more!!  the men finished them of.

Believe it or not we then went on to have Scallops with Brocolli, Chicken King Po and Sauteed Striploin of Beef with X.O sauce, served with Egg Fried Rice and Hand Made Ho Fun noodles.  All the food was outstanding, I really couldn’t fault it any way.   Dubai in my opinion has very high food standards, Le Meridien is a 5 star hotel, it goes without saying that the food will be superb.  A long time ago when the Meridien opened it was without a doubt the best hotel in Dubai, over the years as Dubai has expanded to become the multicultural hot pot that it is, more and more hotels have appeared on the horizon.  I think on this occasion it is safe to say that maturity has brought perfection within this hotel, it is well past its teething phase (opened in 1979)  and has matured into a well established, well run Hotel with a regular clientele and repeat business.

The Seafood Market at Le Meridien is the best Seafood Market in Dubai, in my opinion, the fact that my Father has frequented The Seafood Market for nearly twenty years with clients from around the globe and has never had one complaint says it all.

So in my new found role as a Le Meridien Ambassador, I will be doing as I am told and checking out M’s Beef Bistro next week.

You can find Le Meridien on Facebook and Twitter, and you can also find more photographs on my Facebook page.

Happy Eating!

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  1. Ah, I miss Chinese food. I might giveb this place a try.

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