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Life after the Maid left

Life has been a bit different since the Maid left …

domesticI am pretty sure I am not the first person to be in such a situation, and let’s face it it’s hardly the end of the world in any way or form.  Let me start at the beginning and I mean the beginning,  to the start of my life here in the UAE.   My parents had a wonderful lady who came in and cleaned three times a week, having my ironing done every week was absolute bliss, a luxury I am sure many of my family and friends would love to have in the UK.  Life without a cleaner is what I should really have called this article, not a maid, after all maids are what ladies had in Victorian times.

Once I married and moved into my own home, said lovely Maid came to my house three times a week and helped with the cleaning and the ironing.   She was a god send as she was a pet sitter too.   When we moved from Satwa up to the wilds of Al Barsha as it was once described, I gave up having any home help. We had downsized at this point and cleaning a two bed apartment was a doddle.

After a couple of years we found ourselves back in a villa and I was having a few health issues with my back so decided to contact an agency and get some help once a week, mainly bathrooms and floors.  Everything went well for about five years, it was a relationship made in heaven. She cleaned, I paid her, I trusted her, I really liked her company, she had become part of the family.  She asked me if she could borrow some money, my gut instinct was to say no but I decided that she had been loyal to us over the years so I loaned her the cash she needed.  It wasn’t a huge amount of money by any means. She came back a couple of times and then I never saw her again, this was nearly 6 months ago.   A story we have heard many times over the years, I am just surprised that she would give up a well paid part-time number over a small amount of money.

That done she has gone and seeing as I couldn’t be bothered to go through the whole “find a maid” scenario I decided to do it myself.  It’s hardly the end of the world and most women around the world run their own homes with or without help from a cleaner.   As it was the summer and we always have a major clear out every summer I tacked all the wardrobes and cupboards first, putting everything in order.  Then every room was cleaned from top to bottom.  Plenty of bags were bagged up and donated to local charities.   My laundry room was turned into a small functioning laundry, seriously!!  blue hangers for ironing that goes to the Laundry (Metro Laundry), black hangers for ironing that I need to do.  White basket for ironing, pink basket for non-ironing.  It’s hardly rocket science at the end of the day.

The kitchen is cleaned daily and always has been, the rest of the house is done once a week, spread out over the week. I would say I spend about half an hour a day keeping the place clean.   The main thing that I have noticed is how little we spend on cleaning products these days, never mind the savings we have made not having to pay for help around the house.   I haven’t completely lost the plot, you will be pleased to hear that I still use a window cleaning service, that would be a step too far!!   I am hardly a domestic goddess but I will admit that if the house is dirty, I know how dirty it is and when it’s clean I know how clean it is.

Having help around the house is a personal decision, at the end of the day it is what works for you as a family.  We are lucky that we have affordable help so readily available for us all to use.  Some people don’t have a choice and need to employ help around the house.  Whatever your choices are I genuinely hope it works out for you.  I just wanted to share my situation with you, I never thought losing my part-time help would turn out to be such a blessing.

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    • Alice on December 14, 2015 at 2:11 pm
    • Reply

    I have agency help for some hours a week to help with the ironing (as I’m working) but I cannot tell you how lovely it is to get my house back after having had a full time maid. You’d have to pay ME to go back to that scenario. This way my teens also are learning what goes in to running a house.

    1. I have never had full-time help and have never wanted. I am actually enjoying running the house. I work but not as many hours as you do but if I was working more hours I would get someone in for a few hours a week. I actually clear all the ironing in less than an hour.

  1. Its such a personal sharing and so great to read, for me too sometimes juggling between work and house cleaning gets really tiring but like you mentioned a good half an hour a day and its good enough 🙂

    1. an hour here and there, a good laundry service and its all done 🙂

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