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La Taqueria

Is La Taqueria Dubai’s first family run restaurant?

taqueriaFive years ago, one day after Taqado opened its first outlet in Mall of the Emirates I found myself smiling into the big gentle brown eyes of a man who would pop into our lives on a regular basis.  My child, believe it or not, has a real thing for Mexican food, I am begged on practically a daily basis for a burrito or an impromptu trip to Mall of the Emirates so that she feed her addiction.  We now have a new Mexican outlet on the block, La Taqueria, which was recently opened by Isaac and his family in Business Bay.

La Taqueria is a spacious and light filled outlet with that cool hip warehouse feel that is so in trend these days.  Polished floors, high open ceilings and plain tables with basic cutlery neatly arranged in a rustic wooden box.   The whole feel of the restaurant is one of being cool and relaxed.  We were presented with our menus, my eyes immediately were drawn to the Los Tacos section, after all this is what La Taqueria is all about.   However when you have not just the owner and his lovely wife at your side you tend to go on their recommendations, which is exactly what we did (more or less).  We started our Mexican journey with some fried quesadillas, one filled with chicken, the other filled with string cheese. Delicious way to start our meal.  This was followed with a portion of Las Garnachas, four delightful mini sopesitos filled with beef, potato and fried beans. Beautiful dish, very clean and light if that makes sense, garnished with tiny shavings of ricotta cheese.

Fried Quasadillas

Fried Quasadillas

For our main courses Miss GA ordered the Fajitas with steak, a sizzling hot dish full of strips of beef served with tons of friend pepper and onions along with some soft taco breads.  Mr GA opted for the Carne en su Jugo; a dish that represents the Capital of Tequila, a combination of prime steak slowly cooked in its own juice with mixed beans and tomatillo sauce.  I think my choice was the dish of the day though, I chose the tacos, three individual tacos filled with barbacoa, chicken and the most divined marinated duck.  Super impressive I have to say.  At this point I didn’t think it would be possible to eat anything else but I just about managed a portion of Jericalla, a fabulous egg and sugar dish which was named after a Nun who created the dish for the children she cared for in an orphanage in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Las Garnachas

Las Garnachas

The entire dining experience at La Taqueria was amazing, and we will definitely return.  I don’t think we have ever eaten at a restaurant in the UAE that has been run by all family members.  Not only is Isaac and his wife on hand to help you explore the Mexican dishes from their home town of Guadalajara, they have their two sons with them too. Step into the kitchen and you will find the bosses brother and cousin creating the amazing food we enjoyed today.   It is somewhat refreshing to be welcomed by the brains behind a concept, it can be rather humbling if I am honest. There really is nothing more satisfying than actually meeting the Chef who has prepared your meal.

The Ultimate Tacos

The Ultimate Tacos

A word from the 12-year-old – “Today I was excited that we were going to visit La Taqueria. I loved how the restaurant was run by the family, it made me feel like I was a guest of their family visiting their family home.  I loved the food, the best part for me were the Churros with the amazing caramel sauce.”

If you can actually find La Taqueria in Opal Tower, Business Bay it will be an experience that you will want to repeat, I promise you!!  Find them on Facebook (that’s the easy bit).  You can also find more photographs on my Facebook page, thank you. 






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  1. Something very unusual in Dubai. Good to see that the care invested manifests in all aspects of the restaurant.

    1. thanks for your comment MCP 🙂 its a real little find

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