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Joey’s Mediterranean and Seafood

When was the last time you went to Century Village?

joeysEarlier this week I received an invitation to attend a forthcoming event at Joey’s Mediterranean and Seafood.  Something rang a bell about this place and I knew that it was part of Chi Hospitality (Soho Grill and St Tropez).  I took a quick look at their Instagram feed which said they were opening soon, strange as it appeared according to previous posts that they had been open for some time.

We arrived to an empty restaurant, alarm bells always ring in my head when this happens.  In all fairness though Century Village felt empty and with being well known as an outdoor venue I prayed that the food would be good and that it was purely down to the time of year or even the fact we were going for lunch and not dinner.  I rarely dine out at night as I find it difficult enough trying to take photographs in daylight never mind at night.  Plus lunch can be attended as a family and family time is important to me.

Before heading to Joey’s I checked their menu on-line, looked good and was seafood heavy so it appealed to me immediately.  When we arrived all the signage outside the venue showed the outlet to be called Joey’s Greek Taverna, strange? that is not what I had read.   Feeling slightly confused and now sitting in a restaurant that was very definitely Greek themed we were presented with our menus. I must add that I loved the decor, it had a very welcoming feel. There were a couple of Greek dishes on the menu, along with some Arabic ones which was rather confusing.  There are only four main course options, however their seafood section is huge with tons of choice. We ordered the bruschetta (Italian), fish n chips (British) and a calamari and king prawn platter.  There is a good selection of seafood platters to share available with a lot of different options.

Fish n Chips

Fish n Chips

The bruschetta was superb, one of the best I have had, crisp bread with tangy tiny tomatoes accompanied by a mayonnaise and basil dip.  The fish n chips were tasty, the batter could have been crispier but the fish itself was very good. Sadly it was served with frozen fries (we all know how much I love them!!).  The seafood platter was superb, I opted for the grilled calamari which was cooked to perfection and served with three huge king prawns on a bed of rice and, yes you guessed frozen fries.  That aside I really enjoyed the food and the pricing structure considering the venue is licensed is superb, the platter was priced at 89 AED and the fish n chips 65 AED.  However its a shame they don’t have any local water and we were charged a whopping 25 AED for imported (Italian) water.

Calamari and King Prawn Platter

Calamari and King Prawn Platter

Once I got home I googled Joey’s and found a review written in March of this year written by Foodiva. Please take the time to read this and digest what she has written about Joey’s.  It appears that Joey’s Taverna wasn’t working for the reasons she clearly states, I rather suspect they have tried to re-brand by marketing it now as a Mediterranean and Seafood outlet. In my opinion they still haven’t got it right.  That aside the food we had today was really good and I would go back, I rather suspect it might be purely a seafood restaurant the next time I visit. Interestingly this is what you find when you visit the home page on their website – Giving you the full ocean-to-table experience, this is where you want to bring your friends to dine in Dubai. Fill your vision with more extraordinary flavors accompanied with a vast alcohol beverages selection. Benefits from our large terrace or indoor area, Joey’s will take you on a journey to the sea .

Joey’s Mediterranean and Seafood Restaurant is situated in Century Village, Garhoud. If you haven’t been to Century Village to dine before then I suggest you give a try, maybe in a few months time when you can enjoy the cooler weather and be able to dine al fresco. There is a good selection of restaurants to choose from including St Tropez and Soho Bar and Grill.  You can find more information about Joey’s via their website




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    • 404cameljockey on September 6, 2016 at 4:13 am
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    I only eat once at any restaurant that only offers imported water and I tell them why I’m not coming back. This is a big scam which they try to cover by saying local water ‘would affect their image’. 🙁

    1. funny enough they were discussing it on Dubai Eye the other day, I shall send them that link later today. Thanks

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