Nov 13

Jack’s Plaice

We popped into Jack’s Plaice for fish n chips …..

jacksplaiceBefore I start to tell you about Jack’s Plaice I need to let you all know that today’s visit was not my first visit.  I first visited this outlet about three weeks ago.  I can’t start to tell you how excited I was about the opening of Jack’s Plaice, to say I left on that occasion feeling disappointed really is an understatement.  Nothing went well, service was terrible, food was below average and I felt disappointed for Jack, although I do know he is a child and was probably totally unaware of my disappointment.

Today we decided to re-visit as my gut feeling was that Jack’s Plaice who were eager and so excited about their new fish n chip shop actually opened their doors too soon.  With the weather cooling down we were able to sit outside, in all fairness there is very little room to sit inside Jack’s Plaice but I am guessing you can sit indoors at Reddy’s their sister restaurant. The menu is great, to the point and not full of poncy titles or descriptions.  We know what fish n chips are, all we need to know is what comes with them and what we can wash it down with.   It’s all pretty straight forward, there is cod, haddock, hake and scampi, all come with chips and tartare sauce and one side dish.   On the sides list you have home-made mushy peas coleslaw, onion rings, Jack’s curry sauce and Jack’s gravy. There are a couple of specials and a catch of the day, some burgers and a selection of pies.  Who goes to a fish n chip shop for a pie?  

Haddock n Chips

Haddock n Chips at Jack’s Plaice


We ordered haddock and chips with onion rings, cod and chips with mushy peas and a kids portion of mini fish n chips.  I was feeling slightly apprehensive.  Twelve minutes after (yes I timed it. I am a bit sad that way) the food arrived, not only did it look fabulous, it tasted fabulous too.   The fish was cooked to perfection, the batter was light and crispy, the chips were divine. The tartare sauce had a good tang to it and the mushy peas were perfectly mushy.  The onion rings were fresh and crispy.  Everything was how I had hoped it would be on our first visit. Jack’s Plaice are guilty of one thing, and that was opening their doors too soon. They had a team of staff that weren’t working as a team and it showed, today was a different story.  I can’t recommend Jack’s Plaice enough, they even have Sarson’s vinegar and Heinz sauces.

I would like to congratulate Jack and his Mum and Dad on a job well done.  Jack’s Plaice is situated at The Canal Residence Promenade in Sports City.  You can also find them in the Entertainer App (my favourite app of all time), if you can’t wait to physically visit them, then you can call 04 513 944 for a delivery.  Our total spend today was 123 AED, you can’t get better value than that for a family of three.  You can find more information via their website.






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  1. Nothing beats a well-made plate of fish and chips! Will try them out.

    1. hope they are as good as they were for me 🙂

  2. Where’s the mushy peas and gravy in the pic though? These are the important things 🙂

    Thanks for another lovely review, and adding another venue to the Hitlist.

  3. Gravy!! there was mushy peas 🙂

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