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Friday Brunch at St Tropez Bistro

Friday Brunch at St Tropez Bistro, Mall of the Emirates, its perfect for families …

sttropezMost regular readers will know that we are not huge fans of the Friday brunch. As parents we don’t drink alcohol during the day so the booze filled brunches are something we just don’t bother with.  Once the alcohol is taken off the price of a brunch package we rarely find it to be good value for money, considering how many other good options there are for lunch in this amazing city.  Exactly how much food can one person eat in one sitting?  However, today we enjoyed a Friday brunch at St Tropez Bistro which ticks all the boxes when it comes to family dining.

St Tropez Bistro in Mall of the Emirates is a firm favourite of mine, though I fear many people don’t even know it’s there.  If you head onto level one of Mall of the Emirates, and head in the direction of Ski Dubai and keep walking, you will eventually find St Tropez Bistro.  Tucked quietly into the corner this stunning little Bistro has something for everyone.  Last weekend they launched their new family orientated Friday brunch, I wasted no time in booking us a table.

The outside (inside) terrace, you will see what I mean when you get there is all set up to entertain the little ones, with face painting, mini masterchef and balloon artistry, and most importantly staffed and cordoned off to stop the kiddies wandering off.  In the main restaurant there is a buffet style brunch.   This brunch starts at 10 am so as you arrive there is a selection of fresh juice and pastries and breads, with a live egg station where you can order an omelette or eggs as well as sweet and savoury crepes.  There is a good selection of salad items, a carvery, roasted vegetables and a soup of the day.  Today there was fillet of beef and amazing French chicken, best chicken I have had in a long time.

Roast Beef at St Tropez Bistro

Roast Beef at St Tropez Bistro

The dessert section boasts a chocolate fountain and lots of yummy treats to dip into.  There is also some home-made chicken nuggets and fish fingers with french fries to keep the little ones happy.  Brunch includes, juice, water, tea and coffee along with your food all for the price of 119 AED for adults, 69 AED for 6 – 10 year olds and under fives go free.  What you waiting for? you can book via the St Tropez website which I strongly urge you do as it was getting pretty busy today.

As I mentioned earlier St Tropez Bistro can be found on level 1 of Mall of the Emirates, the outlet is licensed so if you fancy a vino or two it won’t be an issue.   You can find more information about St Tropez Bistro via their website.  If you are looking for something a bit more grown up then I suggest you give their Wednesday steak night a try, also very competitively priced at just 119 AED per person.  Bon Appetit to you all.  You can find more photographs on my Facebook page.




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