Apr 22

Doner Deli

Doner Deli, do they serve a good German Doner Kebab?

I was recently invited to the opening of new Doner Deli store, but I rarely attend press events these days.  You don’t get a real feel for the place and the food is always good. However the invitation did remind me about their branch in Al Barsha, which I had driven past many times.  We love nothing more than a good doner kebab, so off we went today to check out Doner Deli.

The outlet in Al Barsha is small, clean and modern with about 7 or 8 tables.  The outlet was empty when we arrived but I could see a good amount of deliveries were being prepared.  I hate it when a restaurant is empty, it always makes me feel uneasy.   I was starting to think that maybe we hadn’t made the right decision in choosing Doner Deli. 

The Doner Deli menu is split into easy to navigate sections, wraps, durum rolls, kebab boxes, specials, salads and sides and of course something sweet.   All their ingredients are grown locally but their meat (veal and chicken) is sourced in Europe and is 100% halal.  Today we ordered a classic pita; chicken, served with fresh onion, lettuce, red cabbage and tomato which came with garlic mayo, deli tomato and yogurt sauce.  We also ordered the chili pita with jalapeno peppers and the Health in a Box (doner meat and salad without the carb).  First of all I have to say we were absolutely blown away with the size of the portions, huge!!  The food was excellent, by far one of the best doner kebabs I have had here in Dubai.  We were all suitably impressed.   I rarely grab a delivery menu when we are dining out, but I can assure you my Doner Deli one is very happily ensconced into my delivery folder.  Excellent.

Doner Pita


There are 4 Deli Doner outlets open around the UAE, you can find more information and their full menu via their website. I noted that Doner Deli are offering an express lunch deal at just 29 AED, available 7 days a week.  Today I am happy to report that not only did we really enjoy our food our total spend only came to 88 AED, thanks to my faithful Entertainer app.

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