Dec 16

Don Corleone

Don Corleone re-opens its doors at the new Metropolitan Hotel

The original Metropolitan Hotel opened in 1979, I didn’t live here at the time but I do know a few people who did and it was a grand momentous affair by all accounts.  The hotel had a special place in my heart as it was the hotel where myself and my bridal party stayed the night before my wedding.  My husband and I also stayed in the hotel on the night of our wedding, that was nearly 15 years ago.  Dubai has changed a lot in the last ten years, The Metropolitan Hotel was pulled down about 4 years ago to make way for the new canal project.   Don Corleone was relocated to Metropolitan Hotel in Deira and basically was never heard of again.  

If you were an expat living in Dubai in the 80’s and 90’s you would have known Don Corleone, everyone knew Don Corleone! At that time it was the best Italian restaurant in Dubai.  I can’t even remember the names of any of the other Italian restaurants that were open at that time.  If you had a booking at Don Corleone, you were excited.   I am very pleased to say that the new Metropolitan Hotel is now open and The Red Lion and Don Corleone are back on the map.  The Red Lion was the first British themed pub to open in Dubai and a firm favourite among the expatriate community.

Today we decided to revisit Don Corleone at the new Metropolitan Hotel.  The restaurant is uncannily like its original counterpart, famous for its red and white checked table cloths and walls adored with photographs of mafia gangsters.  We arrived after the lunch time rush and found we had the restaurant to ourselves.  The outlet overlooks onto the Sheikh Zayed Road which isn’t the best view of Dubai but I am guessing at night it could be quite entertaining.

Fried Squid – Don Corleone


Today we ordered from their special opening menu, featuring dishes priced from 1979.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!  I did however browse their full price menu and the prices were actually very reasonable in today’s market. For my starter I ordered the calamari fritti; deep-fried squid with home-made tartare sauce.  Fabulous portion of squid, seasoned and cooked to perfection with a rich and creamy tartare sauce.  Mr Armani opted for the carpaccio di manzo, carpaccio of beef served with rocket and truffle oil.  Beautiful looking dish which he assured me was really good.  We both ordered the grilled half chicken marinated with herbs with sautéed long beans, gravy garlic cream, potato cake and grain mustard. The presentation of this dish was beautiful, and the chicken was absolutely amazing.  The best plate of food I have personally eaten in the last few months.

Grilled Chicken – Don Corleone

My daughter ordered a Margarita pizza which was really good and of course you have to try the Tiramisu, another knock out dish even without the alcohol.  Rich and creamy, topped with raspberry, fabulous.  We really were in the right place at the right time, our total spend today came to 223 AED.  I inquired how long their 1979 menu would be available but the waitress wasn’t sure. The one and only complaint I have about the whole experience is the lack of local water on the menu. They were serving only Hildon, imported BRITISH water. Come on guys if you are going to do it at least make sure its Italian!

Don Corleone – The Metropolitan Hotel, Sheik Zayed Road – Tel: 04 343 000

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