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Dec 16

Don Corleone

Don Corleone re-opens its doors at the new Metropolitan Hotel The original Metropolitan Hotel opened in 1979, I didn’t live here at the time but I do know a few people who did and it was a grand momentous affair by all accounts.  The hotel had a special place in my heart as it was …

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Dec 10


Senara Seafood hits the mark …. I have been wanting to try Senara Seafood on Palm Jumeirah for some time now. One of the main reasons I hadn’t been was that my midweek seafood lunch companion had been away since June.  She is back in town now and as a kind of little celebration, and …

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Dec 02


Not only has it stripped, it is now open in Jumeirah Lake Towers  I am pretty sure that most of you have heard about the opening of 1762 STRIPPED in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Its been a while in the making but the dynamic duo eventually got there, today is officially the first day of their …

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Nov 13

Jack’s Plaice

We popped into Jack’s Plaice for fish n chips ….. Before I start to tell you about Jack’s Plaice I need to let you all know that today’s visit was not my first visit.  I first visited this outlet about three weeks ago.  I can’t start to tell you how excited I was about the …

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Nov 05

Caffe di Artisan

I don’t drink coffee … Thirteen years ago, when I became pregnant with Miss Armani I stopped drinking coffee.  Having been a coffee drinker practically all my life I no longer craved my regular caffeine hit.  We know pregnancy can affect our bodies in different ways, another thing that hit I have never bothered with …

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Oct 15

Besh Turkish Kitchen

Besh Turkish Kitchen opens its doors at the Sheraton MOE I heard about Besh Turkish Kitchen a few weeks before it actually opened, it didn’t take me long to realize that Sanabel had closed its doors and Besh Turkish Kitchen was taking its place. A bold move on the behalf of Sheraton as Sanabel had …

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Sep 30

Friday Brunch at St Tropez Bistro

Friday Brunch at St Tropez Bistro, Mall of the Emirates, its perfect for families … Most regular readers will know that we are not huge fans of the Friday brunch. As parents we don’t drink alcohol during the day so the booze filled brunches are something we just don’t bother with.  Once the alcohol is …

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Sep 18

Local Water

Should it be local water all the way? We can’t live without water, fact.  Where there is water there is life, without water the world wouldn’t exist. From Antartica to Asia water brings life to every community in the entire world.  Our body composition contains 65% of water, without water we simply wouldn’t exist. Over …

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Sep 03

Joey’s Mediterranean and Seafood

When was the last time you went to Century Village? Earlier this week I received an invitation to attend a forthcoming event at Joey’s Mediterranean and Seafood.  Something rang a bell about this place and I knew that it was part of Chi Hospitality (Soho Grill and St Tropez).  I took a quick look at …

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Aug 26

La Taqueria

Is La Taqueria Dubai’s first family run restaurant? Five years ago, one day after Taqado opened its first outlet in Mall of the Emirates I found myself smiling into the big gentle brown eyes of a man who would pop into our lives on a regular basis.  My child, believe it or not, has a …

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