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Mar 13

Healthy food is too expensive

How many times have you heard that comment? For many years now I have watched every program on the TV that is about healthy eating, lifestyle and dieting.  Nine times out of ten the biggest complaint is that people can’t afford to buy healthy food.  I am not going to say that all health foods …

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Feb 25

24 Karat

24 Karat opens at the JW Marriott in Jadaf As I sit down to write this restaurant review, I never in my life time thought that I would say the following words … Jadaf has a hidden gem.  Yes you heard right, the industrial area of Jadaf has got itself an absolute gem of a …

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Jan 29

Supermarket Wars

Are we starting to experience supermarket wars here in the UAE? Do you remember a time when you headed down to the High Street to do your weekly shop? When you popped into the individually owned fruit n veg shop, the local butcher, the friendly baker?  I do, clearly though I am guessing many of …

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Jan 19

Miele Dubai Restaurant Week

Ten days, fifteen restaurants, Miele Dubai Restaurant Week   The Dubai Food Festival is taking place this February, with various food related events taking place from the 23rd of February until the 11th of March. This annual event culminates with Taste of Dubai which is taking place on the 10th and 11th of March at …

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Jan 07

The Coffee Club

Another Australian coffee shop concept – The Coffee Club … I think its fair to say we aren’t short of the odd coffee shop or two from the land down under. I honestly can’t remember when I heard about The Coffee Club, probably on the radio or via a social media channel.  My thoughts were, …

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Dec 18


Vegetarian Mexican and Italian restaurant under one roof?  When I heard about this new opening in Dubai it certainly caught my attention, not only are there two cuisines under one roof, the franchise has wound its way from Mumbai, India. That can’t work surely? Further investigation revealed that Quattro does in fact have an excellent …

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Dec 16

Don Corleone

Don Corleone re-opens its doors at the new Metropolitan Hotel The original Metropolitan Hotel opened in 1979, I didn’t live here at the time but I do know a few people who did and it was a grand momentous affair by all accounts.  The hotel had a special place in my heart as it was …

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Dec 10


Senara Seafood hits the mark …. I have been wanting to try Senara Seafood on Palm Jumeirah for some time now. One of the main reasons I hadn’t been was that my midweek seafood lunch companion had been away since June.  She is back in town now and as a kind of little celebration, and …

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Dec 02


Not only has it stripped, it is now open in Jumeirah Lake Towers  I am pretty sure that most of you have heard about the opening of 1762 STRIPPED in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Its been a while in the making but the dynamic duo eventually got there, today is officially the first day of their …

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Nov 13

Jack’s Plaice

We popped into Jack’s Plaice for fish n chips ….. Before I start to tell you about Jack’s Plaice I need to let you all know that today’s visit was not my first visit.  I first visited this outlet about three weeks ago.  I can’t start to tell you how excited I was about the …

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