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Caffe di Artisan

I don’t drink coffee …

caffeThirteen years ago, when I became pregnant with Miss Armani I stopped drinking coffee.  Having been a coffee drinker practically all my life I no longer craved my regular caffeine hit.  We know pregnancy can affect our bodies in different ways, another thing that hit I have never bothered with is red wine.  I have tried over and over to enjoy a good cup of coffee but nothing has ever hit the mark.  A coffee morning with friends turned out to be a bottle of local water event for me.

The funniest thing about this is that I am married to man who adores coffee and anything related to coffee.  We currently have in our house a Nespresso machine, a Dolce Gusto machine (I like their iced coffee), plus a cafetiere and the most basic of all coffee makers, a kettle.  Not only is there a Nespresso machine at home, there is also one in the office.  Every single visit to Nespresso in Mall of the Emirates to stock up on capsules results in a tasting session of their newest addition that leaves me absolutely empty. When you walk into my kitchen you can invariably smell coffee.

Liquid Single Shot Pods

Liquid Single Shot Pods

A few days ago Caffe di Artisan contacted me via Twitter and asked if they could deliver a box of their luxury single origin coffee pods to my home.   This happens a lot  and I usually turn away free gifts, but on this occasion I thought it would please the husband so I accepted their kind offer.  Yesterday the gift arrived with a free frother and the kitchen was yet again alive with the smell of coffee.  In no time at all the pod is opened and frothed, the milk is heated and frothed and added to the pod and hey presto he has a latte.   I head to fridge for bottle of water (local), he urges me try it, its fabulous he claims, yeah right?  Turns out he was right!!  I couldn’t believe that I had tasted a cup of coffee that I actually wanted to drink more of.   I am stood in the kitchen in absolute disbelief that something so simple could taste so good.  So good in fact that I immediately contacted the Brand Manager for Caffe di Artisan to congratulate them.  Gone are the days of expensive coffee machines, Caffe di Artisan will change the way we all drink coffee forever.  It will also change how many local cafes serve their coffee too, which should mean it won’t be long before we will be enjoying fresh (yes each pod is made to order before being delivered to your door) coffee at an affordable price.  The cost of ten pods varies between 20 – 30 AED.

Congratulations Caffe di Artisan on your launch in the UAE, you are going to be a huge success. For more information about Caffe di Artisan check our their website.  Delivery is free and you will receive a complimentary frother with your first order 🙂 



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    • Vineet Arora on November 6, 2016 at 11:11 am
    • Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s fabulous coffee and one doesn’t need to invest in expensive machines and buy pods from Nespresso.

    A new benchmark indeed!!!

    1. Thanks for popping in, its going to change things that’s for sure!

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