Oct 15

Besh Turkish Kitchen

Besh Turkish Kitchen opens its doors at the Sheraton MOE

beshI heard about Besh Turkish Kitchen a few weeks before it actually opened, it didn’t take me long to realize that Sanabel had closed its doors and Besh Turkish Kitchen was taking its place. A bold move on the behalf of Sheraton as Sanabel had been its long-standing all day dining outlet, serving multi-cuisines of food. Besh Turkish Kitchen is pure Turkish food through and through, I think I am already addicted.

The restaurant itself is beautifully rustic and tastefully decorated with natural wood and pastel colours, the floor to ceiling windows bringing lots of natural light into the area.  This always pleases me immensely as you can (a) see what your eating and (b) makes it easier to try to take a decent photograph.  I was excited before we had even been shown to our seats. For me it is the little things that can make the difference between a good dining experience and a great one, the logo’d napkins made me smile. Someone has thought through every single element of this restaurant.

The menu is great, just the right amount of dishes to give you choice and variety. Thankfully not too many dishes which ultimately ends up in the diner being confused.  There were 15 mezze dishes to choose from, with a promotion of three dishes for 45 AED. We wasted no time and ordered the humus, the soto karides (sauteed prawns) and icle kofte (kibbeh). We had been served complimentary bread with a spicy tomato dip on arrival.  All the mezze dishes were beautiful, the prawns were prepared in a rich sauce of pepper and tomato, the kibbeh was rammed full of finely ground lamb and the humus was both rich and creamy, absolutely delicious.



For our main courses I chose the Iskender kebab whilst I insisted that Mr GA tried the karisik pide which is mixed meat served on traditional pide bread.  The Iskender kebab was the best one I have ever tried, the succulent slices of thinly sliced grill lamb served on a bed of pitta along with a rich tomato sauce was just sublime.  The pide (Turkish flatbread) was absolutely amazing, think of it as a Turkish version of pizza.  According to their website many ingredients are flown in from Anatolia and the cheeses are hand-picked by Chef, this doesn’t surprise me, the food was outstandingly good. Also worth saying, is that this outlet is fully licensed, however the prices of the food doesn’t reflect this.

Karisik Pide

Karisik Pide

Next time you are in Mall of the Emirates for lunch or dinner you won’t be disappointed with Besh Turkish Kitchen. Our total spend came to less than 100 AED per person, which is cheaper than the majority of the restaurants in the actual Mall itself, Besh Turkish Kitchen is on level 5 of The Sheraton Hotel in Mall of the Emirates, you can find more information via the Besh Turkish Kitchen website.  You can also find more photographs on my Facebook page. Congratulations to Chef Sait and his team. 


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