Aug 16

Barrel 12

Barrel 12 Urban Sports Bistro opens on Palm Island

barrelA few weeks ago a friend told me about an amazing breakfast that she had whilst visiting Barrel 12 on Palm Island.  I was staying on Palm Island last weekend and that is where I spotted the green signage for Barrel 12, which is located at Palm Views East Marina.   I had already read their menu about twenty times and couldn’t make my mind up what I was going to order, I still hadn’t decided when we were handed the actual menu!!

Barrel 12 has a relaxed laid back feeling, high ceilings, relaxed seating or seating round the centrally located bar.  There is a small outside terrace which looks onto one of the adjacent fronds.  This terrace will be very busy in the winter months. I eventually decided to order the black treacle braised short rib of beef with roasted garlic mash and greens.  My husband, predictable as ever ordered the fish and chips and Miss Armani decided on the beef sliders.  We also ordered a basket of bread and butter.  It’s not often that you would hear me praise a bread basket, but seriously this bread was so good!

Fish n Chips

Fish n Chips

The Barrel 12 menu is just the right size, not overwhelmed with choice but there is more than enough to choose from.  The grazing dishes all sounded fabulous, in particular the pan seared black pudding, cauliflower bhaji with coconut dressing caught my eye as did the smoked pork ribs with honey and ginger glaze. There are ample choices of starters, main courses, burgers and grilled items to choose from, along with a select dessert menu.

Beef Rib

Beef Rib

Our food was absolutely outstanding, my beef rib fell off the bone, the mash was so creamy and the greens perfectly cooked.  The fish (haddock)  and chips (fresh, none of this frozen crap) were absolutely amazing. Mr Armani loves fish and chips and has declared Barrel 12’s the best fish and chips he has ever had in Dubai. I tried a piece and I have to agree with him, spot on, fish cooked to perfection and the batter was amazing. I was so impressed I had to go and meet the men behind these amazing dishes. I wasn’t surprised to find two real British Chef’s cooking proper British food, brimming with pride.  Well done guys, we will be back but for breakfast next time.  If you fancy a foot long pork scratching with your ice-cold pint the next time you want to catch the football, then Barrel 12 is the place for you.

You can find more information about Barrel 12 Urban Sports Bistro via their Facebook page, you can also find them on Twitter.  You can find a link to their amazing menu on their Facebook page.   If you enjoyed this review you may want to like my Facebook page too, thank you.


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    • Rupal@Foodienfabulous on August 16, 2015 at 3:47 pm
    • Reply

    This looks fantastic – the husband will love those ribs!

    1. you will love the prawn dishes they have as well! knockout, they will destroy some of the competition in this area of dining

  1. Great write up…we’ll definitely check it out. We are sending our son off to boarding school next month, but he’s never lived in England. Maybe we’ll have his send off dinner here to give him a good taste of British food before he leaves. 🙂

    1. great idea 🙂

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