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Geordie Armani is the food-loving alter ego of myself, a long time Dubai resident. I am the mother of an eleven year old daughter, wife to a Scot, and a slave to four daft cats. A few years ago I started a food blog and this has snowballed into something bigger than I ever expected, but I am extremely happy about it.. I usually write about affordable restaurants and cafes, not the fancy high end places that are out of many people’s budgets, so the blog resonates with the majority of Dubai residents. I love to explore new openings and areas that are up and coming in terms of dining. I am a keen cook, but not a food professional, my reviews are down to earth and honest. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, don’t forget you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Sheraton MOE welcomes Brunswick Sports Club The dynamic duo in the Dubai food world, known you and I as Tom & Serg opened the doors to the Brunswick at Sheraton MOE recently.  Brunswick is their fourth outlet to open, their first to hold an alcohol licence.  I say their first as I know there …

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Toshi Restaurant


Toshi gets a new look … I am no stranger to the Grand Millenium Hotel in TECOM, we used to live in TECOM and were one of the first families to visit the hotel when it opened some 8 years ago.   I have hosted events at the hotel and my husband has held conferences …

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Palm Court

Palm Court Lobby Lounge I was recently given the challenge of organizing afternoon tea for a very special birthday that was taking place in my circle of friends. The guests attending this afternoon tea would span 5 decades, if that isn’t challenging enough I needed a venue that had easy access for people in wheelchairs. …

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How to treat a Maid

How to treat a maid … Firstly I have to honestly say that I never thought I would be sitting down and writing a post on this particular subject, but it has come to the point that I feel it might be appropriate to point out to people how easy it is to treat another …

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Savour @ Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Savour the best Jumeirah Beach Hotel has to offer Its no secret that Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of my favourite hotels in the UAE.  I remember when the hotel was being built and the excitement among local residents when the Burj Al Arab started to emerge out of the sea.  Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts …

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Wok and Co

Ibis One Central opens and brings us Wok and Co …. Another week and another new hotel opens its doors in Dubai.  We have over 900 hotels in Dubai and this number is very definitely on the increase.  Ibis One Central opened a few weeks back but the official opening is taking place later this …

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Naya and its Maharaja Feast I love Jumeirah Beach Hotel, I feel as though part of me was built into its foundations when we watched it rise from the sands way back in the mid 1990’s.   I have watched the brand Jumeirah grow from strength to strength and expand, not only here in the …

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Sandwich Express Artisan Bakery

Sandwich Express Artisan Bakery The earliest evidence of bread dates back over 30,000 years ago, so it is no surprise that it is a staple part of many diets. Bread in its many forms is often the first thing that is placed on any table, everything from flat breads to crisp white rolls, there is …

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All aboard the Costa Fortuna

All aboard the Costa Fortuna If someone had told me that I would be going on a cruise 6 months ago, I would have laughed at them. I have never had any desire whatsoever to sail the high seas.  Being married to an ex-seaman; one who had a desire to cruise, resulted in us heading …

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Where to buy pork in Dubai

Where to buy pork in Dubai Many moons ago you couldn’t get your hands on a bit of pork full stop in the UAE, but things have changed over the years. These days you can buy pork products at a variety of different supermarkets, and many (only 5 star hotels) serve products containing pork.  Considering …

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The Crab Tavern

The Crab Tavern When you love seafood as much as I do and you are presented a menu in a seafood bar you get into a real fluster.  That is exactly what happened to me today. What do you do when you want to order everything from a menu? when there isn’t one single dish …

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Calicut Notebook

Calicut Notebook opens its doors in Al Barsha A few months ago I noticed (sadly) that Peppermill Restaurant had closed it doors. Every week I kept looking to see what, if anything was going to happen to the outlet.  A few weeks ago Calicut Notebook opened, yesterday we paid a visit.

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per te

Per Te Business Bay

Per Te opens in Business Bay It is hard to believe that it is over a year since the first branch of Per Te opened in Jumeirah.   I was one of their first customers and the first food blogger to cover their new opening. To say we were impressed with the standard of their …

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Innlay Asia

Innlay Asia Jumeirah Lake Towers Personal recommendations are always the best ones, when a friend who has a strong love of all things Thai recommended Innlay Asia to me, it didn’t take me long to head over to Jumeirah Lake Towers to check it out. The outlet is named after Inle Lake in Myanmar, Burma, …

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