Geordie Armani is the food-loving alter ego of myself, a long time Dubai resident. I am the mother of a nine year old daughter, wife to a Scot, and a slave to five daft cats. A few years ago I started a food blog and this has snowballed into something bigger than I ever expected, but I am extremely happy about it..  I usually write about affordable restaurants and cafes, not the fancy high end places that are out of many people’s budgets, so the blog resonates with the majority of Dubai residents. I love to explore new openings and areas that are up and coming in terms of dining. I am a keen cook, but not a food professional, my reviews are down to earth and honest. I hope you enjoy reading my reviews, don’t forget you can find me on Twitter and Facebook.
I am currently no 1 Food Connoisseur on Zomato and a Dining Ambassador for Round Menu. I am also a Brand Ambassador for The Entertainer.
In February 2013 I re-launched The Desert Wives Club, where like minded women over 40 meet to socialise, with events being held around town.  There is more information about TDWC on the Facebook page.
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Eat Fresh, Eat Fuchsia The world has changed, a lot of that change has come from the birth of social media. People can be contacted in seconds and new relationships are formed all the time in cyberland.   I had a gentleman (term used loosely) who used to comment on every single post that I …

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Shaking all over? There is a new kid on the Al Barsha block, not brand new, its been around a few months now but not many people have heard about it.  I have visited the outlet three times in the last ten days and every time have come away wanting more. Shakeism Milk Shakes will …

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Rib Eye Steak

The Beach House

The best fish n chips so far …. We had a fabulous over night stay recently at Anantara The Palm, you can read all about that here. After a lot of  major discussion and reading of menus we decided to dine at Mediterranean themed restaurant The Beach House.  Situated right on the beach this delightful …

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Anantara The Palm

Heaven on earth …. We had another birthday this week at Casa Armani, it was the turn of Mr Armani this time so I booked an overnight stay as a surprise at Anantara The Palm.   One of his favourite places in the world is Thailand, so I decided to bring him a slice of …

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Lunch options during Ramadan 2014

Lunch options during Ramadan 2014 I can’t believe that yet another year has gone by and we are approaching Ramadan. For the third time Foodiva and I have joined forces and come up with list of independent eateries that are open for lunch options and in some cases breakfast during the month of Ramadan. My …

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Charm Dubai

A little Charm at the harbour? It is all happening at these two new recently opened fishing harbours in Jumeirah, with new openings taking place practically on a daily basis.  It was a few months ago that I noticed Charm Dubai whilst visiting Sea More Cafe but it wasn’t until yesterday that I managed to get …

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Seafood Salad


Is the future orange? At the bottom of the street where I live there is a big building with an orange logo on the outside, I drive past it most days.  The  majority of you will know the Centro Barsha Hotel but how many of you have actually popped in?  With plenty of parking behind …

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Mozzo Centrale

Italian eatery in the heart of Umm Sequim …. Mozzo Centrale – how many times have people asked me to visit?  I have lost count to be honest,  so today we headed over to Mozzo Centrale for lunch and to check out this not too recently opened outlet.   The outdoor area has been covered …

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Fried Chicken

The Hamptons Cafe

Another new opening … In the heart of Jumeirah on the Beach Road is the recently opened and I mean very recently opened (yesterday) The Hamptons Cafe. Approaching the building I feel a sense of excitement, three floors high with a terrace on the top. White washed walls, wooden tables, little anchors everywhere and inviting …

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Q43 at Media One is causing quite a stir … Today wasn’t my first visit to Q43, I was there in January for a Christmas party, yes you read right we thought if we had a party in January at a new venue in town it would be quiet.   How wrong were we!  a …

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Another foodie cafe opens up in Al Manara … I saw Bystro from the Sheik Zayed Road a few weeks ago and made a mental note to pop in and see what Bystro had to offer.  Following a busy weekend and no foodie things on our horizon today we popped into Bystro. The restaurant is a …

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Another new concept hits our shores …. I often sit and think how can there be any more new food concepts that will arrive in Dubai, then another one arrives!!  I was invited to the opening of Lemonade at IBN Battuta next week but I thought I would beat the rush and pop in there …

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Yet another new opening proving JLT is hot becoming a foodie haven … If you had a friend who is an Italian Chef who told you he had been working on a consultancy basis with a new outlet serving fine Italian food and he invited you to lunch, would you turn him down?  No.  Today …

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Cafe Rider

Another new opening in Al Quoz Cafe Rider, here we go again I thought, another Biker’s Cafe this time in Al Quoz, maybe it will be like Tom & Serg?   Well there was only one way to find out and that was to head over there myself, which is exactly what Miss Armani and …

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